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Yuzai said: "I dare not forget about the important sacrifices, but recently it took a lot of time to rectify the tribe and cultivate the land. I thought I would send food to Xunshan in two days, but I didn't expect the teller and Dai Xunshan to come." ... how to apply for student loan forgiveness for-profit schools

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He said solemnly: "Sacrificing is the top priority, the witches of the Chifang clan, we just want to help you. After all, you are going to move to the south of Yanzhize. We are afraid that you will delay the time." .

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Yan Zai suddenly felt that the future seemed to be something to look forward to. ...

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As for the person suspected of being the demon god Bo Xun, he has not seen any of them.

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"Since Fellow Daoist Tianyan said so, it is indeed our chance."

In the history of the Immortal universe, there have been various races that dominated the world.

"Your Excellency, I don't know that the people who established this forbidden area were actually two Heavenly Monarchs of the Holy Dao Universe. They originally had deep feelings and had the world in mind. They tried to create a forbidden area to save the creatures of the entire universe, but in the end they fell short. The two of them survived and fell into demons."

That natural sense of oppression made him tense, and Huang Liyin and Baihuangqi, which had a trace of strangeness and contempt, disappeared without a trace at this moment.

"No wonder."

Even though he knew that An Ran didn't need to lie to himself, Yao Yao Qi was still in a trance for a while, feeling like he was in a dream: "In this way, freedom is freedom, but isn't there a pitifully small number of people who practice immortality?"

Yan Zai grabbed Huang Shao's hand and shook it vigorously twice, Huang Shao was also stunned for a long time, these are just a few brassica leaves, is it worth being so excited like you from the Central Plains?

Therefore, the basket that was originally used to hold Dangkang, and the basket that belonged exclusively to Yuzai, was used to hold Shanbo.

"That's why we had the opportunity to work together."

There are still many things to do, just like Wu said, not only to live for the tribe and oneself, but also to live for the dead pioneers. If the tribe is destroyed, what face do they have to go after death? What about those pioneers? .

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The marks left by the log carts were trampled underfoot. .

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