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【tcu online loan statement 】 Toyotomi Maaya's indifference pierced into Chu Shaoyan's heart like a sharp dagger, Chu Shaoyan only felt an inexplicable soreness in his heart. He tried his best to take a deep breath, then stood up and said, "Please tell your second uncle Masano, if I have something to do, I will go first." 。

"Ah!", "Ah!" Two screams came out one after another, and the two big men standing in front of Jiang Langtao only felt a black shadow float in front of them, then their heads fainted, and they fell to the ground!

Starscream's sudden bite made Chu Shaoyan wake up suddenly, looked at the perverted female killer in front of him and cursed: "You rotten woman!"

At the same time, several vans stopped in front of the vans left by the group of big men from the Bamboo Association, and a group of men in black rushed down with steel knives in their hands.

At this moment, after the blond man stared at Chu Shaoyan for a few seconds, his expression became a little ugly. Because he recognized the man standing in front of him as the bodyguard who used to be a headache for many powerful killers! Even though the situation at this time is completely in the hands of the five killers. But the name of the person, the shadow of the tree, Chu Shaoyan used to be a figure that caused headaches for many killers, and it has been verified by facts. How can this make them not nervous?

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"I said you should also hurry up. Since you are healthy, find a job quickly, and then find a girlfriend with you. Everything will be fine."
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Ye Ruoxi pretended to be deep at first, and then slowly said like an expert who can see through the world of mortals at a glance: "Didn't you, big Shelang, find out that Shanshan likes you?"
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"It's too cheap to kill him now, let him suffer for a few days first! Let him pass false information to Guam Boy, so as not to startle the snake!" Chu Shaoyan snorted coldly and glanced at Chen Wei. Chu Shaoyan really looks down on Wei, a guy who eats inside and outside, from the bottom of his heart.
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After being exquisitely dressed, Guan Nuoxue gives people the impression that she is a big beauty, and she still has the unique temperament of the water town of Jiangdong in the inland; at this time, in the disco, the beauty will be warmly welcomed as soon as she comes on stage; on the stage, some single young people Seeing the flushed Guan Nuoxue walking towards the stage, they all whistled at Guan Nuoxue.
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Different from ordinary pyrotechnics, large-scale fireworks have strict operating regulations and approvals, and they cannot be set off by just anyone, and some fireworks even need to be set off with mortars. Therefore, setting off fireworks is a technical task. In order to make this Christmas party a success, Ye Tianhe specially invited the most famous fireworks team on the island. They are basically responsible for setting off the fireworks for major events on the island every year.
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Qingping Mountain is the place where once the police search the mountain, Chu Shaoyan and the others should be found in a short time.
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While Chu Shaoyan was puzzled, Ye Jinlong's expression changed. In the past two days, a group of Guamese people suddenly appeared in Dongying Ryukyu Mansion. The leaders of that group of Guam people seem to have participated in the war. Community forces launched an attack. In just two days, the Sanlianhui's venue in Dongying Ryukyu Mansion was smashed into many houses, and many brothers were killed or injured.
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Zhang Kaixuan is not responsible... This is a specific fact, which only shows that Zhang Kaixuan used that gringo to collect money in the casino, and has nothing to do with cheating.
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