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In the south of the Five Ridges, anyone who faces the north is a northerner. The strict geographical faction believes that Kunlun Xihuang is a Westerner, and Shangqiu and Taotang are from the Central Plains. Then the end of the sky, Haishi and even Bogu Mountain can be regarded as Dongyi people. , however, the liberals in Lingnan believe that... ... what credit score do you need to get a costco card

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"Have the reinforcements called from the Central Plains arrived?" .

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"I said why does that red dragon look so familiar..." ...

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"Okay... good stuff! Is this a plow tool from the south?"

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Because the so-called "sun gods" are actually people who have been recognized by the sun totem.

"Go, go to the wilderness of Biyi, find the Erbashen people, and see if you can ask the northerners to help us find mines here?"

Sure enough, as the sentry came trotting all the way, the big guys who were still busy in the plowing land put down the plow tools in their hands. They stepped on the field ridges and splashed a huge amount of dust. Guzi tried to grab someone's shoulder , but in the end what the little claws caught was just a ball of mutton...

The big shield was beaten up!

But the interrogation from the outside was not over yet. When Di Fangxun was thinking about whether it was better to hit the wheat sticks or the sticks tied with thorns, someone came in. It turned out to be Lv Zibo, one of the Four Sacred Clans.

Swinging a big ax with both hands, six or seven totem warriors of Yangdi Mountain were instantly killed. The totems were shattered, their flesh and blood rotted, their limbs and heads were severed, and they continued to rise to the sky with the swing of the axe!

"Your mother, I'm right here, why are you pretending!"

Chisongzi: "Use your medical skills? You can't cure it alone!"

A small road, but a big dream. When the four friends saw the pony carriage transporting goods from Xunshan to Manmanzhiye, the southern pony running on the road held its head high and passed by the friends. In front of them, like the front view of a horse stepping on a flying swallow, they sprayed water with their tongues crookedly, bringing up a cloud of smoke and dust, making them cough continuously.

Yu Zai told the leaders of the tribe that if the Houtian clan arrives, the house must be strengthened. At the end of the first year, when the Houtian clan came, many houses in the tribe flew into the sky and took a long-distance tour. went. .

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However, although the city is solid, it also needs the cooperation of the checkpoint fortress. .

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