The One Thing These Experts Would Do To Make The World A Better Place

If you could do one thing to help [fill in the blank] what would it be?

In collaboration with like-minded partners around the globe, we're working to harness the power of scientific research, data and technology, policy and advocacy to create catalytic, lasting changes that secure the future of our planet.

We asked these experts what one thing they would like to see done to make and leave the world in a better place. Here are their answers.

Sustainable Coexistence Will Help Protect Our Wildlife

With the right information and the right data, we will value the wild places and wildlife that we share the planet with

Ted Schmitt

Decarbonize The Economy To Help Our Reefs

We have to get ourselves weaned from fossil fuels

Dr. Helen Fox

Resources and Communities Will Help Protect Our Wildlife

My hope is to bring communities and the resources together to protect the Serengeti ecosystem in perpetuity

Wesley Gold