Lost for more than 72 years, the USS Indianapolis was found and positively identified in August 2017 by an expedition led by Paul G. Allen on the (R/V) Petrel.

As video and images are transmitted from a state-of-the-art remotely operated vehicle (ROV), Robert Kraft, Vulcan’s director of subsea operations, provide live narration direct from the R/V Petrel. Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist Miles O’Brien hosts the broadcast and is joined by experts and scientists, including William Toti, retired U.S. Navy captain and final commanding officer of the Los Angeles class submarine USS Indianapolis (SSN-697) to comment on what viewers are seeing, as well as to discuss the history of the ship, its missions and crew, its sinking and the significance of the expedition.

Produced by Vulcan Productions and Miles O’Brien Productions, LLC for PBS and with production services provided by Peacock Productions, USS INDIANAPOLIS LIVE – FROM THE DEEP allows viewers to see parts of the wreckage of the Fifth Fleet’s naval flagship where it rests more than three miles below the surface of the Philippine Sea.

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