USS Indianapolis Expedition: What People Are Saying

After 72 years underwater, wreckage from the sunken World War II ship USS Indianapolis was located in August 2017. Paul Allen and his R/V Petrel team located the ship more than 18,000 feet (5,500 meters) deep in the Philippines Sea. With 19 of the 316 survivors of the sinking still living, and an active community of survivor families, the successful expedition brought closure to the greatest single loss of life at sea, from a single ship, in the history of the U.S. Navy. Read what people are saying about the USS Indianapolis following the remarkable discovery.

The Washington Post’s Kristine Phillips interviewed Corporal Edgar Harrell, a USS Indianapolis survivor, to learn what the expedition means to the survivors.

“It brings closure to the story, but the experience that we survived, the trauma that we felt, that still exists,” Harrell said.

Vladimir Duthiers of CBS News reports on the discovery, and the tragic story behind the sunken ship.

In an opinion article, the Sioux City Journal’s editorial board writes about the revival of interest rooted in the recent discovery.

“In addition to providing closure, discovery of the Indianapolis should revive interest in what is a compelling, often harrowing story of tragedy, bravery and survival in the face of unimaginable odds.”

Michael William Emery, nephew of an USS Indianapolis sailor lost at sea, shares his story with local Indianapolis news station, WISH TV.

“I checked on social media and saw the pictures and dropped my phone and was in total shock and little later on called my mom and told her the news and broke down crying,” Emery said.

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The Seattle Times readers applaud the discovery and Paul’s philanthropic efforts to relieve the families of those who served on the ship.

“RAVE To Paul Allen and his crew for finding the USS Indianapolis. They’ve done a tremendous service to the brave crew who served on the Indianapolis, especially the few survivors still living, and their families. I’ve never been more proud to be a WSU Cougar alum brother to Mr. Allen.”

Allen and his research team on R/V Petrel continue to survey the USS Indianapolis, so be sure to follow Paul on Twitter to get updates about this remarkable expedition.