Tackling Ebola: The Next Move Is Up to Us

Since March of this year, Ebola has been taking root in West Africa and is now spreading at an unprecedented rate. We have all seen the headlines. We have all felt sorrow for those stricken.

As cases have now been confirmed in other countries, our concern about Ebola at home has grown as well. The chilling reality of Ebola should motivate us to safeguard society and take action to stop this pandemic. Ebola is not somebody else’s problem. It is ours. The entire global community needs to step up now with resources that match the speed and scale of this growing outbreak.

President Obama has taken important steps by designating Ebola a national security priority and directing military equipment and personnel to bring aid to affected countries. He has named a Czar to lead the fight. He has requested funding, and the U.S. total of approved funds has surpassed $1 billion.

The next move is up to us.

As a concerned citizen and philanthropist, I am increasing my commitment to Tackle Ebola to at least $100 million. Today, I am issuing a call to action for individuals to join me in this cause.

There are several ways you can get involved.

If you are a humanitarian aid worker, I am supporting the development of two medevac containment units designed to get you back to your home country safely and quickly if you get infected. I have also established an Ebola Medevac Fund dedicated to providing a way for volunteers to be reimbursed for unfunded medevac transport costs should you need a medevac exit. If you can’t volunteer, but would like to support this specific need, you can donate directly to this fund.

If you are an individual who wants to be a part of the solution, please donate what you can. I have created an easy way for people around the world to contribute to organizations that are addressing critical needs in this crisis – from funding the purchase of hospital beds to sponsoring the creation of public hand washing stations. Simply go to TackleEbola.com and select the need you want to fund. We’ll do the rest by sharing reports about our collective progress and providing new opportunities to contribute to making a difference in this battle.

And, if you are a major donor, corporation or foundation that is in the unique position like me to give generously, let’s partner. We know from history that with timely and coordinated action, we can start to contain this disease.

Time is not our ally in this fight. The time is now to do the right thing. So, let’s do this. Together, we can Tackle Ebola.