The Why Behind the Seattle Art Fair

Adapted from statements by Paul Allen

Seattle has a long tradition of celebrating local and non-local art — from the Burke and Seattle Art Museums to the Asian Art Museum. As other Art Fairs have grown and blossomed around the country and the world, it made me wonder what we could do to bring an art fair to Seattle.

Art fairs bring attention to up and coming artists and some amazing new works. They are a way to connect everyone with what’s happening at the cutting edge of art, both new and historic.


In our community there are an increasing number of people who enjoy living with and collecting art, so this also gives them a chance to see pieces they may not have been aware of. Throughout the city there will be a number of special displays and events that will give everyone the chance to be exposed to new works and new artists.

It’s really amazing to stand in front of a work you haven’t seen before and be almost overwhelmed by its beauty and the vision and execution of the artist.

My hope is that these four days are the beginning of a long lasting northwest Arts tradition.

This post was adapted from comments made by Paul G. Allen at the 2016 Seattle Art Fair.