Virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive experiences have continued to be at the forefront of the Consumer Electronics Show in recent years, and even more so at the 2018 gathering.

Photo of a person wearing Virtual Vision Sport
Trying on the Virtual Vision Sport.

Hardware and software makers continue to invest and develop new devices that can transport people to new places — real or imaginary. And new screens create visuals that are dazzling. This new equipment is pushing filmmakers, artists and creators to develop new kinds of content that take advantage of the opportunity to reach audiences in a powerful way

Throughout his career Paul Allen has explored and invested in ideas and organizations focused on creating cutting-edge immersive experiences. After leaving Microsoft, he founded Asymetrix Corp. that created a number of technologies, including a three-dimensional rendering system for software that could create graphical presentations and prototyping. His investment in America Online and founding of Starwave in the 1990s were at the forefront of digital and online content as the World Wide Web was reaching consumers.

As Vulcan Inc.’s technology team was preparing for their annual trip to CES, they discovered a piece of Paul’s history of virtual innovation: A Virtual Vision Sport. These 25-year-old goggles were an early example of augmented reality that projected a full-screen color video image in the user’s field of vision, while also allowing for an unobstructed view of the environment. A fun look back at how technologists have pushed the boundaries of AR and VR in just a few decades.

The Vulcan team is continuing to explore the latest VR and AR hardware as well as develop new technologies.

A Photo of the Virtual Vision Sport
Virtual Vision Sport


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